Thanks for your interest in our “Just Imagine” site. “Just Imagine” is a funding project to serve the growing community and ministries at Hope Church. As we approach the completion of our construction project we have compiled the list of “move-in” expenses necessary to prepare the new spaces to serve their intended purposes.

You will notice that in a number of instances we have “packaged” the items necessary to outfit a number of identical rooms within the new facility. In others, we have just quoted prices for bulk items and equipment that are critically important to meet more general needs. Two examples would be; tables and seating for the fellowship center and the video equipment necessary to accommodate our growing Sunday morning crowds. Also included is one fairly large item that was unforeseen initially. That is the restoration of our parking lot. Due to the amount of abuse by all the heavy construction traffic on-site, our parking lot desperately needs restorative measures a couple of years ahead of what we had originally anticipated.

Your prayers and generosity are absolutely vital as we complete this exciting chapter in the life of Hope Church! Yet, the building and everything inside it are just the “tools” necessary to reach our real goal. Reaching more people for whom Jesus died remains our fervent passion and the purpose that is always in focus. I know you share that passion and I thank you in advance for your consideration in partnering with us. Just imagine…what we can do together!

Pastor Gary Hay


Want To Give Offline?

If you’d like to give financially, but would rather not complete your transaction online, we’re happy to accommodate you. To make a gift in person, simply use a Giving envelope at church. (There should be one available in the back of the nearest chair in the sanctuary.) For gifts by check, transfer or other methods, give our financial manager, Maggie Brookman, a call at 417-882-5888. We’ll be happy to assist in any way possible!

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